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Look At Me!

Look at ME!!

Do you remember as kids, wanting the attention of our elders or friends? Excited about something!! Whatever happened to "that" kid in us? Somewhere along the way, we traded the kid in us to let's look at everyone else. Our innocence made it easy to say "look at ME." During those times in which we were not so innocent, we were prone to focus on those that were around us. Looking at everyone else only hinder our ability to notice OUR contributions regarding the matter. THIS is not a pass for those that have hurt us. They did what they did and in due time, will reap the consequences WITHOUT you saying a word or doing a thing about it. It's the law of reaping and sowing. No one is exempt from it....that is another blog for another day. Looking at someone else and what they are doing or have done enable us to stay in a rut of error. It can cause us to do the same thing over and over and over again. As long as we remain in a rut of any kind, we are not able to experience our full potential. We remain in the stall of life with our engines revved WAITING, never becoming who we are meant to be. Becoming is an action of the present. We can not be present, refusing to address OUR contributions. THIS day, let us commit to finding our way back to "that" kid in us trying to get our elders' attention. Instead, let's give ourselves the attention we so desperately need. "Look at ME" and be honest with yourself. "Look at ME" AND apologize to those for your contribution. You are not apologizing for their actions. You are ONLY apologizing for whatever actions that YOU contributed. Refusing to "Look at ME" AND apologizing is equivalent to one that is emotionally foul.

I WAS emotionally foul, until I picked up the phone, called my offender and apologized.

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