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Red light, red flag!

Red light. What's the purpose for red lights? Why do we tend to ignore "red flags" in relationships. Red lights have the same purpose as red flags--to make us pump our breaks. As we approach red lights, we usually respond by stopping. We do not slow down. The yellow light prompts us to slow down. The red and yellow lights have clear and distinct functions. The functions are not to be confused or used interchangeably. The same manner in which we respond to red lights, we should approach "red flags" in any situation and/or relationships. It is imperative that we do more than slow down. We should pump our brakes and stop. Stopping allows us to access the direction we are headed. Stopping allows us to take note of inventory of those things that are around us. After careful observation of inventory of those things around us AND taking heed to all of the warnings, we will discover we need to stop. We should not pass go, we should not collect $200.

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