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The seed

A seed is small. If not careful, you can misplace or loose it. One seed is all that is needed to yield an offspring of its kind. When a seed is planted, that seed will take residence in whatever space it occupies. Extreme weather conditions can not destroy seeds that have been planted. Once a seed is planted, it is THERE. The presence of the seed should bring relief to many. Assurance that your seed planting is not in vain. Whatever you placed in the ground, it shall come forth. It shall not wither away. At the end of harsh seasons, it is common for farmers to re-cultivate the land with the planting of the SAME seeds. It makes perfect sense for farmers to continue to use the same seeds for a continual harvest. If at any given time of unwanted harvest, the farmer can plant new seeds during this time of re-cultivation.

You that are reading this blog, take note that you and I have the same qualities of a farmer. We've planted seeds into our children lives, co-workers, neighbors, spouses and/or our students lives. The seeds we have planted into the lives of those we love, shall continue to come forth. NO amount of wind or storm can destroy what has been planted. Re-cultivating does not mean the seeds are destroyed. Consider re-cultivating as a strengthener or an immune booster; serving the purpose of enhancing what was planted. Think it not strange for the times of planting the same seeds, again and again and again. Re-cultivating is a normal part of the process. Ask your local farmer.

One seed at a time, IT shall CONTINUE to come forth.

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