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Where is your natural habitat?

I have an ivory plant that I intentionally kept inside. I didn't want to expose it to the Corona air. I continued to water it. A few leaves died. I simply plucked the dead leaves AND placed that same plant outside. The leaves stood tall. Each leaf was able to stretch out in it's natural environment. Each leaf responded to its new environment, its natural habitat. In spite of Corona air, each leaf did what it was designed to do--to stretch out, stand tall and bloom.

A lot of people are afraid to step into a different environment. With a boat load of legitimate excuses, many will stay stuck and stagnate. The boat load of legitimate excuses can NEVER hinder you, once you are in your natural habitat. Those excuses have no effective power over you.

You MUST move. You can't stay there. The air there stinks! The air stinks far less, if you move to your natural habitat.

Where is your natural habitat?

Wherever you thrive is your habitat.

Wherever you have room to stretch out and bloom, is your habitat.

You don't have to stay there stuck. Decide THIS day that you will move. Decide THIS day you will open the door and step into your natural habitat.

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